How do I decide Human Hair or Synthetic?
Synthetic for consistent amazing style, no work required and less expensive. Since synthetic hair is less costly, you can afford to change your style more often.

Human Hair wigs are ideal for experienced wig wearers who are happy to invest time into regularly maintaining and styling the hair. Human hair wigs are significantly more expensive than synthetic.

How often do I clean my wig/hairpiece?

If worn daily for 10 to 12 hour a day, we would suggest you wash it once every few weeks. But some factors could change this, depending on the individual wearer, the styling products used or the environment in which the wig or hairpiece is worn. You will be the judge of when it needs to be cleaned.

Creative Wigs have carefully crafted and formulated a range of wig care products made here in Australia. Our Shampoo, finishing spray and leave-in conditioner for synthetic and human hair will help you to retain the look and shine of your wig.

For our care instructions click here

How do I put on my wig?

Hold the wig with the label facing you, place the wig on your forehead and liftback and over. Ensure the ear tabs are sitting evenly at the temples. The hairline of the wig should be approximately where your natural hairline sits. If unsure, use your fingers (4 fingers from forehead to the eyebrows). Once this is done, style the wig to preference.

How do I store my wig?

Best to store your wig on something smaller than your head. E.g., wire wig stand, styrene head, empty jar or vase. Any of these options will maintain the style of the wig between wears. Keep your piece in a clean place, away from dust, source of heat and excessive humidity.

You can also store your wig in our Creative bags, with a piece of cardboard around it. This will help the hairpiece maintain its original look, control frizz and tangles whilst increasing its lifespan. Additionally, our bags are storage saver (Marie Kondo-ing), easily accessible, easy to carry when travelling and storing, and REUSABLE!

Will my wig frizz?

Frizzing occurs by friction, so, the longer your synthetic wig, the faster this will happen. Additionally, excessive steam and strong heat such as opening the oven, the dishwasher, blow dryers, and curling iron can cause extreme damage to the fibre.

How do I choose a colour?

If you are new to wigs, consider staying as close as possible to your natural colour and to what you know suits your completion but by all means be adventurous. While we try to ensure that the colour swatches on our website are as accurate as possible, computer or mobile phone screen’s settings make it impossible to provide a colour swatch on your screen that it is exactly like the real colour. If you are unsure best to discuss with one of our wig consultants

Can I curl or straighten my wig?

Some synthetic wigs are heat resistant and can withstand heat up to 180degrees, however, if unsure don’t try!

Human hair can be styled to suit your mood (always be cautious when styling).

Can I colour my human hair wig?

Most human hair wigs have already been coloured once, so at this point, you can only make it darker to restore the original colour. Do not lighten or bleach!

Where can I donate my hair?

Please visit or for more information 

Which wigs are the best for sensitive scalp?

Monofilament, hand-knotted/hand-tied or silicone-based wigs may feel more comfortable on sensitive skin. However, if these bases still cause irritation, we recommend wearing a

A cotton/bamboo wig cap or velvet wig grip to keep the piece away from the scalp.

Do I need a full wig or a hairpiece?

This decision is dependant on your needs. Best to discuss this with our expert wig consultants

Can I shower/swim in my wig?

It is not advisable to swim or shower with your synthetic piece. It will impact severely on the lifespan of your wig. However, sometimes this is unavoidable. We advise using an old one, especially for exercise and swimming, so as to avoid ruining your beautiful wig. 

Can I cut a synthetic wig?

In short, yes, however, ensure it is done by an expert in synthetic wigs.

Can I wear a wig if my head sweats a lot?

Wearing a bamboo wig cap is a fantastic choice for wig wearers with sweaty scalps because of its wicking properties which draw moisture away from the skin.