Creative Wigs has over 60 years of experience with wigs and hairpieces. The longevity of our business is owed to our dedicated and hard-working staff. Customers come from all over the world to get advice from Creative Wigs, because we guarantee the best professional service.

When purchasing from Creative Wigs you are guaranteed the best quality wigs available today. Our products and styles are constantly evolving and are kept up-to-date with current taste and fashion. This gives you the biggest variety to find the best possible wig for you.

We at Creative Wigs ­­take pride in offering our first-class service. We’ll sit and discuss your needs to discover the best options for your needs. We’ll make sure that you always receive the best one-on-one advice, and that you are informed about our products. We’ll answer any questions you have before you leave the store. Making our valued customers happy is vital.

We are the leading importer and distributor of wigs and hairpieces in Australia, and as such are able to offer a huge variety of different styles and colours. By selling our wigs directly to you, we are able to keep our product quality high and our service costs low.

Coming in to visit us at Creative Wigs could not be easier. We provide discreet consultations and specialist advice. No appointment is required and we are based in the heart of the Melbourne CBD. We make buying a wig easy and affordable for you.

When purchasing a wig from Creative Wigs, we will make sure you do not leave us without knowing how to put on the wig and how to look after it. We give detailed descriptions and hard-copy instructions of how best to look after your wig and get the longest possible wear out of it.

We know that our customers come to us for a variety of reasons, and respect your privacy. We provide a discrete consultation service and specialist advice. Our team at Creative Wigs takes pride in your appearance, and we will spend some time with you individually to give you the same confidence with how you look.

We provide an overnight delivery service. If you cannot make it into the showroom, we can send your wig straight out to you by Express Post Platinum, Australia-wide.

All our online products are in store and ready to be delivered immediately.

Our business is set up to help those who are after wigs for specific medical conditions and we will always strive to meet the consumers' demand